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03-19-2014, 01:45 AM
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I've really think the Giants have to be seriously considering Donald at #12. Even with an expected additional depth signing, that D-line is blatantly lacking a playmaker to compliment and relieve JPP. The rest of the defense(secondary and LB) just feels too filled out to invest the value of the team's #1 first round pick in, especially considering they're "going for it". Donald has the potential to add a very nice pass rush presence on the inside of that line. That being said, this is only because there just simply isn't any DE after Clowney that you could justify spending that high of a pick on.

The other option, and if it comes to it on draft day I bet guys will be sweating, would be the OT Lewan from Michigan. Granted, this is assuming no one drops, but Lewan is a fiery competitor, and could potentially become a franchise tackle for the team. The warriors on both sides of the line were a huge part of Coughlin's Superbowl teams, and drafting Lewan would be represent a potentially major move back in that direction. Finding an immediate starter for the O-line would be huge, and between Pugh, Schwartz, Beatty, Walton and Lewan, the Giants should be able to find at least a few guys who will be able to anchor that line for a long time.

And I will say, granted I didn't get to watch too much of Ebron live, from the tape I have seen, I really haven't been that impressed. To me, he looks like a player who relied primarily on his size advantage to make plays against smaller college level opponents, rather than beating them with any outstanding or particular football skills. Granted he's tall and long, but he didn't look thick or particularly fast, and I wonder how that frame will hold up when it's NFL level LBs coming across the middle on him. It's kind of hard to put into words, but to me, from the tape, he just doesn't look NFL level fast enough. If you're taking a TE near the top 10, you're expecting to get a difference maker, I just don't see that in Ebron.

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