Thread: Post-Game Talk: 18 March 2014: Rangers @ Spartacus
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03-19-2014, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
If the defensive personnel remains largely intact this offseason, the organization may have to reassess whether man-to-man is the appropriate system for this team. The defense has been inconsistent all season and has been deteriorating since the Olympic break. As you mentioned, they should have had already adjusted to the system 70 games into the season.
I agree. On the other hand, I see no justification for this team playing man to man, other than "it's just what AV's teams do," especially considering the proven success our personnel and winningest ever goaltender have had in a zone system. The man to man really doesn't feed into our offense in a significant way. We don't have a dynamite break out or transition game because of it. We could easily still play AV's offensive scheme without the pointless man to man D coverage. This is one of the reasons I'm still not at all enamored to AV. The guy simply cannot make adjustments. He doesn't make adjustments in game and he doesn't make many adjustments in season. He comes and brings his system and it either fits wholesale or the team ends up suffering for it. It clearly doesn't fit wholesale, and he's had ample time to assess and address the areas where it doesn't fit, but he hasn't made a single change. This team should be playing largely the same defensive system it has played for years prior. That was not something that needed fixing and I don't believe that Torts was even fired so much for a change of system and approach as much as because the players seemed to have begun tuning him out and turning on him. The offense and PP surely left a lot to be desired and plenty of room to be tinkered with, but aside from the PP improving (which has nothing to do with us running a man to man scheme at ES) I don't think the offense has really seen a significant improvement, and certainly not enough of one to justify sticking with man to man all season long. I'm convinced the only reason we play man to man is because it's part of AV's system and he has too much pride to alter it. That's bad coaching. Sticking to an ineffective scheme because you want to make your mark on the team and not just inherit the last guy's strategy (despite it being very successful - the defense, that is, so we're clear) is nothing but foolish pride at the expense of success. We'd have won 5 more games already this season if we were playing last years zone, defensively.

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