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02-22-2007, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by silentisolation666 View Post
I'm hoping not to start a pissing match about this guy, but after reading a lot of the stuff thats come about since tuesday's game I felt the need to make a post here. I'll say first that I am a Devils fan, but I assure you that this post is made as a fan of the sport, and nothing more.

I know regardless I'm going to catch heat from some of you because some people can't put that fact aside, but I don't care because I know what I have to say is the rationale many of you are missing.

First off, has Sean Avery been a spark to your club? Sure. But he's also been like pouring acid in an already open wound too but I don't think you realize that. Sure he got up in Brodeur's face...and I think anyone that knows the guys career knows he ran into him on purpose whether it was soft or not. Had that been Jagr, Straka, or Nylander I don't imagine it would have gone down that way at all or of contact would have ever been made.

The guy is a classless player, and he might have the attitude to spark the team and give them an edge, but he's also a guy that can hold them back because he's not disciplined. So sure you all got your kicks out of him rocking Brodeur in the face, but notice how his tactics did nothing to get inside his head, he didn't budge after that moment. Notice how he took 4 minutes in penalties, and because of the scrum he caused NJ ended up on the powerplay.

Sure NJ didn't score so it didn't matter, but this was also a NJ team playing without 2 of its top offensive guys. And I think you all and I can both agree we don't have a hell of a lot of offense in our depth. So imagine if those 2 guys are in the lineup, which when they are we tend to do much better on powerplays. That could have already put us up a goal or so.

But the biggest thing everyone is missing is, on the play we scored the go-head goal, I think a lot of people failed to realize that during the chaos infront of NJ's net toward the end Avery once again trying to play "his" game runs into and lands ontop of Broduer consequently taking him out of the play, and allowing the Devils breakout to even happen the way it did. Had he been able to back check he might have been in the slot where Parise eventually took the pass to put the first shot on net. But instead he took himself out of the play.

I'm not saying its HIS fault we scored, but if he didn't try his cheap tricks maybe he would have been back in that play like a good player would have been and that game goes to OT.

I know there was a lot of banter about the days of Claude Lemieux in NJ and his antics similar to that of Avery's but like it's been said...he seldom played dirty on our organization. Its not that he didn't, but the things he did that were really dirty were almost only on other teams (particularly Colorado). And again, Lemieux put up great numbers, always had strong playoffs and won the Conn Smythe for a reason. Avery isn't very likely to do that any time soon, but rather put you in a position to lose a game.

You love him now, but when the games REALLY count (although this one did too) and he does something ******** because he can't contain himself and blows your teams opportunity all the things he does that you love aren't going to matter anymore. Plus you also have to take into account that the NY media (from what I have seen at least) is loving what he's doing to an extent, and you know he picks up the paper and basks in it.

The bottom line is, the guy is way too classless for a team like NY. As much as I don't like your team, I respect them and I would expect a move like this from a team like Philly rather than the Rangers. I know how message boards tend to work, and how people are uptight about their opinions but again it was said as a hockey fan and not much more. I more than likely won't respond so I wouldn't waste your time trying to insult my opinion if you don't agree. Just figured it was an alternative perspective some people weren't exactly seeing, that's all.

This from a team that has dressed Claude Lemieux for so many years? How about this first class citizen Doug Gilmour? Jim Korn was a goal scorer lol Perry Anderson he wasn't known as the worse cheap shot artist in the league for a while. Don't worry about Avery go tend to your own back yard

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