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03-19-2014, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
This is exactly the sort of thing I refer to when I suggest that some of all y'all have no clue what true suffering at the hands of a legit train wreck actually is and are spoiled by success. Two years in the hole? Oh how very horrible. WE SHOULD BE SO LUCKY. "Can't get much worse"? If you think being persistently bounced out of the playoffs is so egregious and interminably frustrating, try consistently never making it. It can always be worse. Vastly worse.
I have no clue? I've been a Yankees and cowboys fan since I can remember, close to 40 years. I've seen championships and the valley of death as well so spare me I don't know about suffering.

There is no proof either way if we move forward with what we have versus what replacements could do. I do know looking at track records that 15 years should be enough of a sample size to see what a coach and GM can do. Look at other sports and the longest tenured coaches. Their playoff success is much more grand than Trotz. This is fact, not hyperbole or an uninformed can saying this. Popovich has been with the Spurs for how long and look at his resume. That's what we need to be striving for, not we made it to the playoffs, hallelujah.

Every year 29 teams fail to win the Cup. Difference is some teams learn from their failings whereas others continue to try the same thing over and over yet expect better results. These guys can't get it done and they've proven that. There is nothing that can be said to me that will change my mind on this.

One last thing. It could be vastly better too.

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