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You'll probably be best served by cycling drills and finish a cycle with a drill that combines skills.

For example:

5 minutes: Swizzles
5 minutes: Backwards swizzles
5 minutes: Forwards stride development (step and glide)
5 minutes: Backwards stride development (backwards step and glide)
3 minutes: Tight turns (go right and left)
5 minutes: Forwards crossover
5 minutes: Rear crossovers
2 minutes: Front to back transitions, turning right
2 minutes: Front to back transitions, turning left
3 minutes: Back to front transition, alternating left and right

Combo drill: 5 minutes: Set up cones about 12 feet apart. Sprint to the closest cone, tight turn around it. Crossover out of the turn and sprint to the next cone. tight turn around it in the opposite direction that you turned the first cone. Crossover out and sprint back to the first cone. Transition to back skating and tight turn backwards around it. Continue back skating and skate to the other cone, turning tightly around it and crossing over to come out of the turn. Transition back to front. Continue the drill from the beginning.

Run back through the drills in 1 minute increments. Work back to the combo skating drill and skate it as hard as possible.

Repeat the cycle until you have reached one hour or are exhausted, whatever comes first. This is a basic set of drills I use to help my guys work on their skating or I use when helping new folks develop their skating skills.

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