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03-19-2014, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger View Post
What you suggest is not allowed under the CBA. Either the Rangers cut ties with Richards or they keep him under his current contract.
Yeha, unfortunately, this is the case...

Section 50.9(i), paragraph ii

Compliance Buy-Outs. During the "Ordinary Course Buy-Out" periods
following the 2012-13 NHL Season and 2013-14 NHL Season, in addition
to any other Ordinary Course Buy-Outs a Club may want to effectuate
pursuant to Paragraph 13 of the SPC, each Club may elect to terminate and
"buy-out" the SPC of up to two (2) additional Players (in the aggregate
over the two (2) years) on a Compliance basis (a "Compliance Buy-Out")
(i.e., each Club shall be entitled to a total of two Compliance Buy-Outs that may be exercised in one year or over two years). Such Compliance
Buy-Outs shall be effectuated on the same terms as are set forth in
Paragraph 13 of the SPC, except that (i) there shall be no charge against
the Club's Averaged Club Salary in any League Year on account of a
Compliance Buy-Out and (ii) any amounts paid pursuant to a Compliance
Buy-Out shall be counted against the Players' Share in the League Years
in which they are paid. Further, a Player who has been bought out under
the Compliance Buy-Out provision of this Agreement shall be prohibited
from rejoining the Club that bought him out (via re-signing, Assignment
or otherwise) for the 2013-14 League Year (if that Player was bought out
in 2013) or for the 2014-15 League Year (if that Player was bought out in
He would be welcome here the year after, but there is a 1 season-period after you are bought out that states you are not allowed to play for the team that bought you out. I wish they never made that provision. Should have allowed GM's and Owners to pay for their own mistakes

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