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03-20-2014, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
sorry to take a shot at you here.

Only on the Rangers can a 30 point scorer get signed, come in and score 30 points and be considered to have surpassed expectations.

This fan base is so accepting of mediocrity it's staggering.

Clueless owner, has been for a GM, Coaching carousel over the last 6 seasons.

Failed attempt after failed attempt at both going for it AND rebuilding.

A return of the retirement community that Merc. after Merc. has come in and exploited for the hockey world to witness.

It's ****ing sad to be a fan of this team.

Imagine this.

We have needed a #1 center since Messier first left for Vancouver. Nylander had a nice run with Jagr, but he's no #1 center.

Our best LW in the last 15 years was Marty Straka.

We have not had a competent Puck Moving Defenceman since Leetch

We have missed the mark when it came to overall team physicality. We had the 11-12 season and that was interesting. But even that team took a physical pounding. I'm not taking about the knuckle draggers, I'm talkign about a team that can push the pace physically.

We have a mediocre team that signs mediocre players and when they play mediocre hockey they have surpassed expectations?



Would you like some cheese with that whine?

If you expect perfection you are going to have a bad time. First line centers dont grow on trees. They are developed. Stepan is a right on the verge of being a legit 1st line center. He defensively is better then most in the NHL and his offense is coming. You expect elite 1st line centers you are kidding yourself. There is less elite players in the league then teams. On center? even less.

Year after year sports writers have the rangers making the play offs and if hank gets a chance can go deep. Fans on the other hand over react and throw hissy fits like this one. Over react less please.

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