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03-20-2014, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
Heaven forbid a coach has expectations for a player. But I guess that's just for HF board fans..... MDZ had the same issues in NY he got comfortable here and returns to doing what he wants to do. As the article points out he has 310 NHL games. He has always been touted as a offensive defenseman. Well how has he done since coming to Nashville? To save your time looking it up 3 assists in 18 games. Whats funny KK has had a goal and 3 assists in the Rangers uni. I never liked the trade and what does it matter we got a younger player that needs a new contract and to beat it all "Michael Del Zotto's qualifying offer is for $2,900,000".

MDZ's game is not a good fit for this team, he admits he loves the streach pass. Problem is we have nobody that can receive that pass. MDZ is weak in the corner and invisible most of the time. I do recall a nice hip check just after they came back from the break but other than that he has done nothing positive.

Poor Trotz gets hammered here for coaching and making coaching decisions. He also gets hammered for not doing so. WHile It would probably benefit Jones to watch a couple games from the pressbox if for nothing else just to see the way the other defenders play. Jones is a smart guy and is willing to change his game and get better. I just do not see that in MDZ.
Oh poor Trotz... He has been so steller getting the Preds picking in the top 10 probably top 5 the past 2 years.

Expectations for a player huh. Heaven forbid he have expections for a forward to produce.Colin Wilson, Gabriel Bourque, Matt Cullen....
Or even better yet heaven forbid people having expectations to have a winning team and a coach that is helping not hurting the team.

Apparently you don't recall several times MDZ set up other players perfectly and what happened??? Wait for it.....They couldn't finish..

MDZ has been a - for 7 games of the 18, 5 of those being a -1 with the Preds forward corps.

Poile said he brought MDZ to Nashville to help with scoring and offense but he has a coach who is making decisions to limit that and forwards who can't finish.

Obviously poor Trotz and Poile are not on the same page.

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