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03-20-2014, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by MattGTI View Post
It doesn't bug me at all per se(other than the whole holding up the game). "Bothering" me, and me thinking its totally lame are two very different things. If I was bothered by it, I wouldn't find it so laughable.
I honestly can't fathom a 35 year old man looking at a website, and saying- "wait a minute, it was me who assisted on Jonesy's goal, not Mike."- then an email or phone call is immediatley rifled off to the league.

Hey, I wouldn't want that jerk Mike stealing my assist either

Anecdote about a guy I play with like that:

One of the teams I play on, we have a guy who loooves to score. Only thing is he barely ever does. He'll complain when he doesn't get passes, though when he does (major cherry picker, no less) he usually flubs it trying to stickhandle too flashy. I'm a great playmaker, especially in the division this team is in, but no one can freakin' finish.

Anyway, a few games ago I went ballistic on this team and put in 6. He converted zero of my passes, of course. End of the game, he was upset that he didn't get any of our 9 (we won 9-6, I think). I looked at the scoresheet and saw that he was credited with two of my goals. I said "Hey, don't worry, they gave you 2 of mine anyway!" and he lit up like he really did score them

And now that I have this guy on my mind...

This guy though...he'll have a breakaway and lose the puck trying to dangle in the circles, or he'll lose it himself trying to go between his own legs around a defender. I don't even do **** like that and I'd be a better player if I shot w/the wrong-hand stick and had my skates on the wrong feet. That stuff annoys the hell out of me. Try to score in normal fashion first before you complain :p

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