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Originally Posted by Yukon Cornelius View Post
The thing about Emery is aside from his obvious sloth like speed, he's still such a battler and it's clear, he has the respect of his teammates.

As much as we all log on here and crucify him after those ridiculously awful goals, go back and, or from now on, look at the leadership's faces (Giroux, Kimmo, Hartnell, Coby) after one of those goals. Not one of them is deflated, no obvious tells in their body language that was otherwise so apparent with Bryz, and Leighton before him. In that regards, he's very similar to Boosh; respected and well liked veteran who is prone to a softy here and there but who battles throughout.

Do I think he has another year of hockey left in him? absolutely not but for all the fluff pieces being currently written about G's and the Flyers' turnaround being forever linked, the rallying cry for the season was the Washington game and specifically Emery's fight with Holtby.

As fans, we get caught up in the X's and O's and the stats and ultimately forget or can't understand altogether the value of team chemistry, leadership, sacrifice, all the intangible that make up championship teams.
well said.

Razor is a back up. He does his job admirably. If he was better, he would be a starter somewhere.

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