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03-21-2014, 04:00 PM
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I've been using Sherwood two pieces for a while, I have a 115 flex standard, and a 105 tapered. I loved the 105 tapered as an all around good stick until the new replacement blades (which all have the shorter hosel) are the only blades I can find. Now the thing feels like it is made of jelly on anything more than quick wristers close to the net and receiving any kind of hard break-out pass requires extra-super soft hands or the puck just overpowers the blade. My slapper booms with the 115 standard, but isn't great for puck feel or quick wristers. So I think I need something in between. (I'm 6'3" 235 and usually play wing btw)

Curve wise I've been using the Coffey curve for like 20 years, but I've been using a P88 the last 3 weeks and love the ability to actually lift backhands at the goal line now. So curve isn't a big consideration, I can adapt.

Any suggestions? I was thinking a mid-flex stick with around 105 flex. I'd like to keep the price under $150 unless the extra cost is really buying me some nice features.

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