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02-23-2007, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by mattyd99 View Post
This is ridiculous, absolutely digusting. Last year this thread got put up by me on my friend's name:
I said it then, Jagr is not good in the shootout, and he has realized this and doesn't want to hurt the team. Yes, let's trade one of the best players in the NHL because he doesn't want to go in the shootout because he knows he is not good in them. It's funny Langenbrunner gets a lucky bounce and Prucha misses by 2 or 3 inches and now this whole debate starts. Jagr is going nowhere, sorry to burst anyone's bubble(don't know why I would be in the first place). Jagr has shown more emotion and leadership ability in the last 2 seasons then he has his whole career and it's sad so many people can't see it. The guy wants to win, hence why he played in the playoffs when he shouldn't have, why he takes himself out of the top 3 in shootouts and so many other things, and he gets this criticism. It's crazy to see "Jagr sucks" "Trade Jagr", the guy had major shoulder surgery in the offseason and will not be 100% until next year. Give the guy a break and stop being so hard on this team. Go back to the 7 year drought and think about things if you really think it's tough now.
Yay, I may not totally agree with everything you said but it's a breath of fresh air actually hearing something good about him for a change. We make it out to sound like he's the sole responsibility for our problems (if you can even call them that). It's like people expect him to score every single night or suddenly he sucks. I too think he did the right thing in the shootout. He's just not a shootout guy and never was

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