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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
Not calling anyone out in particular, so no one take this personally.

I hate when +/- is used to describe any individuals play.

If you want to say Jones plays bad defense because he doesn't close the gaps quick enough, or he chases back out too high, doesn't keep his feet or stick active or just doesn't take the body enough. Those are all good talking points. The +/-, stat is effected by everyone one the ice as well as match-ups from the coach. To me it's the worst stat in hockey.
I'm going by the eye test. I have seen Jones get burned more than once where he would just let an opponent blow by him untouched and get scored on or miss manage the puck and it ended up in our net as a result. Something I haven't noticed as much by Del Zotto. I just used the +/- because it was easier than explaining what I haven't liked about Jones' play.

Like Armourboy stated, there have been far bigger issues from players than anything we've seen with MDZ. So punishing MDZ for the team's woes seems crazy. There are plenty of blame to go around on this team for why this season has been lacking. Why not punish them too?

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