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Originally Posted by Thatguystevie View Post
The chances of signing Moulson and Vanek were equal. I don't know why you're assuming he would resign when he clearly was going to FA just like Vanek. The isles have needed goaltending, a top 4 d-man, and a top line winger for years. This addresses one of those needs. Maybe not the most important one but one of the glaring needs of the organization. You're stressing about trading a 2nd for an established NHL player? Oh, honey, I know this is hfboards but in the real world an established NHL winger> any pick or prospect.

They traded a "heart" guy and picks for a all round better player. That's the right move 100% of the time. This isn't the mighty ducks, little giants, or Pokemon where you can win through the power of love and friendship. In the real world talent beats out "friendship" and "heart" and sunshine every time.
Dude...I think you are probably the only person on this board that thinks our chances of resigning Vanek was the same as Moulson. MM sounded like he was going to cry in his pregame interview on Tuesday. He never thought he was going anywhere and was shocked by the trade.

Vanek is the better player, no question...but left wing was not a major issue, defense and goaltending was. You will never convince me that trading for a guy that wasn't a major need and everyone and there mother knew was going to be a FA was a good one. There is a reason why our GM is a running joke. If Vanek comes back here as a UFA, then I completely agree with you. Then it was worth the risk. I guess we will see what happens July 1st, but I wouldn't hold my breath

Ps...we traded the 2nd so Buffalo would retain salary...meaning we gave away a pick because our owner was to cheap to pay the difference in Moulson and Vaneks salary

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