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03-22-2014, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by rockthecolitil2015jt View Post
So let me get this right -- you are trying to say that because I don't feel that PAP or Moulson are remotely close to being the proper players for the isles first line -- that I must be happy with how Snow got ***** in the vanek trade and couldnt get a proper return for PAP. Where exactly did I mention anything about Snows asset management (or lack thereof)? I just said that both PAP and Moulson suck as top line players, and I continue to think that -- and are you really comparing Parenteau to Tavares?!?! really?
Moulsons not ideal or the 1st line--we agree on that. But what other options do the isles have? That's the one thing I haven't seen answered by Antony who doesn't want moulson back.

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