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Originally Posted by Sunking278 View Post
It's too rough and tumble for the Brits and French to play, and I say that only half in jest. Germans, Russians & other various Slavs, they take to it like fish out of water. It's a North American and Central/Eastern European game, that's just the way that it is.
I think the eagle as your picture makes it funnier. (just a joke)

I take it you haven't seen a rugby match before? They're usually bleeding afterwards. They have very minimal padding also. Now, I'm not saying rugby is a tougher sport than hockey. Hockey needs the padding because a puck can come on quite tight if you get hit. Also, the ice and blades are a danger.

You should watch a rugby match or even just some clips on youtube and you'll see it's fairly rough.

I think the reason why hockey isn't so popular western Europe is due to the weather. Most of the top hockey leagues have very snowy winters. Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Russia etc.

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