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03-22-2014, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Richiebottles View Post
We will be sorry if we move Eller. He is perfect on the third line or somewhere in the lineup. The return we will get for him will have us shaking our heads wishing we kept him.
Originally Posted by overlords View Post
I have to wonder if you ever even watched one game of his last 4 seasons. Eller has had by far the most constant progression out of any player on our roster. This year is really the only hiccup since we've acquired him. People remember what they want to remember, I guess.

I guess lump me in with the Eller fanboys. (We do have to have one fanboy club annually, I I was in the Carey Price one, several times.)

Agree with the above. He is so much of what we've needed and a lot of the criticism is overblown. He's not played his best hockey overall this season, but at the same time, he has at times played his best hockey. I noticed in the last two games that every time someone tried to steamroll him, they'd either get the worst of it or Eller would stay on his feet. This was during plays when he had a suicide-like pass (not the first time ), or a joined clearing attempt where he was the last guy, but had the puck in his skates, subsequently getting it out.

He's great along the boards, protects the puck (agreed, he used to be a little better at it) and takes shots. I would much rather see him (and Chucky ftm) take shots from the dots than Gionta. They (Chuckey, Eller) have killer wristers that often would make for good rebounds if wingers were around. Eller got blasted by trying to take the puck up ice and given the lack of good support, wasn't able to beat 4-5 guys. The result was the puck being sent back to out D -- Tinordi, and we all know what happens there. What about the countless times Subban takes it up ice? He's literally cost us goals and games on botched attempts + he's not a center. Point here being that I wouldn't for a second tell him to stop. Pleks occasionally tries to enter the zone off the rush with the puck, DD does it very often. I'm talking about deking, not just a Pacioretty straight up power rush. Eller gets hate for circling the net with the puck. Well, guess what, we have some pretty poor options most of the time. I concede that his passing could be a bit more crisp (that's the only drop off this season I see from him). Under Therrien, I argue that he's still developing since it's pretty much been stilted. Give him more opportunities to play the role that he can, and he'll find the groove. It's been said a ton of times, but playing with the guys he has, has really impacted what he choses to do with the puck. Skilled guys need certain linemates and I think Eller's developed checking line habits with a skilled forward trying to break out, which may sometimes create the less than desired result. Up until he (GASP) lost the puck in a very safe area of the ice, he was having an awesome game, particularly with Pleky in the box. Not sure what he did apart from not deking the last guy to nullify that.

I just think Eller is an important player for our team. Some say overrated, some say underrated. Usually that means it's a good player that will break out soon enough and if we keep him, we'll be glad we didn't screw that up.

Originally Posted by SB164 View Post
Just when you think there are no more reasons to want to beat the leafs.

I have a feeling either Reimer or Bernier are going to have a very solid game. Will need all 4 lines pressing to get those goals. Not really sure what to expect out of Chucky at C given the already cited unfavourable winger situation. Maybe he can just...shoot the puck himself?

Huge mistake to bench Tinordi. Also, I am terrified of having Murray out there. Either he'll be great (small % chance) or he'll get burned by Kessel, Kadri et al. several times. I like him, but I prefer Tinordi. Despite the turnover, he has been getting better each game. Physical and with good speed. Rookie benched after huge mistake. Signed Michel Therrien, professional talent developer.

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