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02-23-2007, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
It's like Michael Jordan in the fourth period telling Phil Jackson he wants to sit out the last play of the game down by one with 7 seconds left, in a game in which he scored 40 points - never would he do that; never, ever. The Bulls could've put it away earlier, sure, but Jordan's not thinking about the blown chances, he's thinking about the here and now and what he has to do to win. That's the point.
That's not a good comparision simply for the fact that Jagr would never sit out in normal gametime. Jagr is always on the ice in the last minute of the game when the Rangers are down. It's not like he isn't. He's sitting out in a shootout because he is simply not good at them. He is sitting out because he believes the team has a better chance of winning if he doesn't shoot. The shootout is an artificial way of winning a game and shows nothing about whether Jagr can lead the team or whether Jagr is scared to go out there to win it for his team.

Anyway, i think the Rangers can take it to the Devils in a playoff series. Every game this season between the teams except one has been as close as can be. The Rangers can dance with the Devils, but if we get to the big stage, we'll just see who can dance better. Dont' forget, there have been I think 3 shootout games now out of 8. That's so close that you can't say that they'll slay us in the playoffs.

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