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02-06-2004, 05:27 AM
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Why is it that I have to go outside form and be one of the more optomistic of the group?

Yes, we are playing badly right now. And unless we come together and absolutely kick tail on this big road trip, the playoffs are gone. But given the injuries, both those out of the lineup and those playing injured, that road will be a hard one. That's the reality, can't escape it.

I'll be disappointed about missing the postseason if that is the case, as will all of us. But I still like the way this team looks. Offense we have. Goaltending we have and it will get better. Defense needs work obviously; a veteran stalwart we need in addition to Coburn for the future. Some doubt the coaching of Hartley, but I like his hard-nosed attitude; think it's good for the players in the long run. While criticised, the front office has done well; not sacrificing any of the future when it would have been so easy to do so for present gains. But I think that little topic could be debated either way, so I'll back off of it for now.

Not to sound all cheerleader-like, but let's just keep supporting the boys. Hoping for the best. Venting frustrations at their shi**y play, needed for many of us. But don't give up the hope, I sure as hell won't.

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