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03-23-2014, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
You should give yourself an infraction. Your reply is just as insulting as telling a poster to go **** themselves.

That's the problem with this board. Posters can to call management dumb, the coach stupid and incompetent, make fun of DD, Murray, Bouliion etc., totally based on ones opinion and yet we can't call out these posters. We are supposed to believe that Bergevin and Therrien, (chosen by ownership after an extensive search - by a very shrewd management team - Molson family and other business interests), to lead one of 30 elite hockey clubs in the world yet according to some they are not even qualified to run a senior beer league team.

And yet, we need to bring an argument to the table - which is useless because positions are based on personal preferences or preconceived beliefs that won't change. You know there are still posters that want to bash Price and will upon the first opportunity.

This reminds me of the of the creationists or the climate change deniers. They make so much noise that media now need to give them an equal voice even if they deserve to be treated as quacks. Scientists now have to debate irrefutable scientific facts in the name of discourse.
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