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03-23-2014, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
There was zero wrong with what he wrote.

Really, really bad analogy.

If anything it would be MT's supporters who'd fall on the side of the creationists. Tons of evidence that he's a terrible coach and folks come here with it, but the apologists (ie creationists if your analogy was done properly) simply ignore it and say "Hey, look at the record!"

Maybe I've misread your post - and I apologize if I did - but it sure seems like you're saying that folks are criticizing management without any supportive data and that's just not the case.
What data is specific to determining who's a good coach / bad coach? Or is it more subjective opinion on line combinations, systems, player utilization, treatment of favorite players etc.

The only data that is significant in IMO are wins and losses.

Again, Therrien is not necessarily my cup of tea but he must find ways to win with the roster he is given - and for that - the number speak for themselves.

Most of the continuous criticism voiced on this board is
- his treatment of Subban
- playing DD, Murray, Boullion
- not playing youngsters

I don't see any data here....just opinions

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