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Originally Posted by TorontoLeafer View Post
That's right! I forgot about that. I'm not so keen on a used jockstrap though.

Do you know how leg pads are measured? And the glove, what does full right and regular mean?
You see used jocks for sale too.... But yeah maybe new on that.

Full right is basically left handed goalie. They have a right handed stick (in their left hand), and catch right handed. Regular is regular. Some lefties play regular, mostly because Full right is way less common and if you just use what is available it will probably be regular gear. Right handers playing full right is significantly less common.

You need
-helmet (for ice, a good one. Pucks come fast as hell and you will some to the head. Getting hit in the head sucks at best.)
-chest/arm protector (real old school stuff these were separate but most stuff now is combined. I dunno that any big name mass produced stuff is still separate arms and chest, unless your counting the fact that they are physically separate pieces often laced together)
-Gloves (blocker, catcher)
-Pants (goalie pants, maybe suspenders too)
-Leg pads (best to just try them on. The sizing is a bit confusing. Basically its the measure of the boot length + up to the knee then they will give like +2 for a thigh rise, meaning how many inches extra it sticks up over your thigh. Different manufacturers measure differently, and if the horizontal part that covers the top of your boot is longer that makes the pads measurement longer... even if it will fit the same as a smaller pad with a smaller boot. Generally manufacturers will have you measure knee to ankle, then have a chart that tells you what size. Best to just try on.)
-Jock (goalie specific again, typically will be at least a double cup.)
-Skates (again, goalie specific)
Throat guard and or dangler is smart too. I just use a dangler (clear plastic thing that is tied onto the mask's cage and hangs down in front of your throat under the mask). Mine has been hit multiple times, so I am glad its there. I use separate knee pads too. Leg pads have a flap laced on that covers your thigh and knee, but most are semi minimal. For the most part that area will be blocked by the top of the pads, even when your butterfly... But I have taken at least 1 good puck to the knee that made me glad I had more. Really, I got knee pads because my older leg pads had no thigh rise were not really meant for butterfly so I was fairly exposed.

Spend on your mask and jock. Skate fitment is important.
Pro stuff actually is more protective. Nice if you can get it.

If you want to do it, you can do it on the "cheap"... Kinda. I paid $600 US and was OK... But that was all used and I did take the occasional stinger. I ended up spending more later to replace stuff so that I could be more confident I wasn't going to catch a bad puck. I am kind of a pansy, but the point is you would be well served to save up a little more and spend as much as you can.

I started with out experience, ice skated maybe 10 times total but had roller bladed... Yeah, fell over a good few times. Definitely had to stop myself with the crossbar when skating to my crease the first few times... But that has gotten much better and damn playing on ice/skating is fun.
Its ****ing hard, and just so insanely hot and physical... I though I understood that, but just was in no way prepared. Good fun though, nothing like shutting down a sure thing.

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