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03-24-2014, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
RE: The D --

I have the unpopular opinion that Boullion oddly does serve a purpose. It is an extreeeemely sub-optimal position, but we've gotten bigger, but at the same time less mobile. Obviously the loss of Gorges is screwing this whole thing up, otherwise I think everything falls into place. Boullion IMO is a very solid D man 50% of the time, and the other half, he is atrocious.

- he is a lot quicker than any D not named Subban
- he hits and makes them count. This is why he was so popular in his previous stint here. The guy is a bowling ball and we all used to love him for his toughness.
- he's not Subban, but he can skate the puck up. It's those 1-2 second that make a huge difference in the transition
- he's experienced

- his age is failing him, so halfway into the game, he drops off and become a liability
- has been making poor coverage decisions -- but I attribute that to him playing so much

Overall I like Cube, but I wish he wasn't being played that much. Unfortunately, that's the only situation given the sides, and the fact that Gorges is out. I don't think I'd want anyone else with Subban right now except Markov, but that creates a gap elsewhere.

I WOULD actually like to see Tinordi or Beaulieu, but hey, this is Therrien...let's not get crazy.

As for those saying it's not time to experiment - this is exactly the right time to see if we go with either Beau or Tinner. (or both!) Enough games remaining and those two are not AHL scrubs. They are very serviceable NHL D men. Tinordi made a mistake. Apart from that he was playing just as well/bad as anyone else, but he was also hitting and taking the body like we expect him to. Beaulieu was playing great before the Olympic. Possibly the 3rd best D man at the time. If Chucky and Gally can play in this league, so can they, even if it is D. Why? Cuz they're better than some of the current options. Only thing I will say about Murray is that nobody else on this team is able to do -- I love seeing him bulldoze opponents and go 100% all out. Beast! But, of course, huge liability otherwise.

Am I the only one who thinks Weaver was a great pickup? Very solid. Not unlike Gorges. Sure, he blew the coverage on Kadri, but he saved a lot of goals/scoring chances. And not just last game.

I wonder if Therrien was just waiting for an excuse to take Tinordi out. That he was forced to bring him up in the first place, but really he didn't want him in. Beaulieu...he could so be a dark horse gamer for us going into the playoffs. His D game has improved significantly. Maybe we'd hear about him as much as about Gardiner. Nah. "How do you let a rookie D skate around you and score!?"
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