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03-24-2014, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by trouty View Post
I went from AHL to QMJHL and got use to the lack of speed and skill,u watch it for 3 years you get use to it,then the AHL came in for 3 exhibition games and its day and night the difference,the Q now would never work,most I talk to see the difference in speed and skill,id suspect it to flop worse,thou I don't see us even concidering a Q team,they eather get ECHL
The Q is not an option.Danny Williams has gone on live during the AHL games and publicly stated. It's pro hockey or no hockey.Danny isn't interested in bringing a Q team here only for it to bleeeed money. Nobody wants to go watch a group of teenagers in a league that has zero/little value to their professional team. We have AAA here in NL for that fan base.

Danny wants to make money but also Ice a competitive team.Which is exactly what he is doing now.Nobody in NL believes that Danny is going to get anything less then another AHL team, and we all can say there is a 90 percent chance he gets one. There is ZERO negative feedback coming from having an AHL team here.

As for you Frankie. Its fine and dandy if you can get free tickets.Power too you, go enjoy great hockey this season for free. Those "Company" seats you talk about happen in every single organization in the league and the NHL. So I don't really see the point of talking about that. To say there are "plenty" of free tickets is just not true. Yes if you have the connections sure you can hook onto a ticket or two. Can an y tom dick or harry come in and grab a free game? No, absolutely not.

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