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03-24-2014, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Kevin Danko View Post
Well, if it's your first time to Philly, i recommend just hitting up Geno's or Pats, those two are really part of the visiting philly experience. They may not be the best tasting in the city but when you think of philly cheesesteaks as someone outside of the city, it's typically one of those two.

As far as the back and forth, have fun and just don't be obnoxious and your fine. Enjoy the game!

Bars in the area, your looking at all of bars in the xfinity complex, you could probably go to chickies and petes which is kind of close, plus you can get the crab fries. McFadden's at Citizens Bank Park may be open as well and is right across the street. I would probably recommend avoiding wearing the jersey in the bar after the game if you venture from the stadium area. Beer Muscle comes out when it gets dark.

Also there is a holiday inn near the the stadium complex and i believe they have a bar called bully's in there. We went to a cool little bar called the fire on Girard i believe one time as my brother is in a band called BoatRocker and they had a show at the place. It's the definition of a dive, but it's probably my favorite bar i've been to in philly. It's a part of a Fire Station i believe and they have seperate rooms, during the summer i think i was told they project philly's game on the side of the building.

I recommened some bars in the last visitors post, check out that top 50 bars list and don't settle for some tourist/money pit.
Thanks for a very detailed rundown of things, I appreciate the hospitality. I've heard of Geno's and Pat's so perhaps that is where I'll get my cheesesteak from, even just to say I got it from there. Luckily I'm not an obnoxious person by nature so I'm not concerned about the game experience but I fully expect to get heckled, which is fair since I'm the visiting fan and it's just a part of sports. Always had respect for the Flyers and their fans and I appreciate the level of support they get from the fans, you guys are just absolute animals sometimes. I love it. Love the avy and sig too. "I am the liquor."

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