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03-24-2014, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SCOREacek View Post
Eh, I really have no problem with it. They cheered for him when he first came back and acknowledged his contributions to the team, which was nice and deserving. He's an opponent now though. It's fine to boo. If he had won a championship here though that would be different. A player who was a part of that imo should never be booed. Jayson Werth is a good example of booing a guy who didn't deserve it. He may have been a dick to fans sometimes but he got us a title we hadn't had in 25 years.
I didn't say never boo him. If he scores or something sure, you boo him (even though when umberger scored 3 against the flyers fans threw hats, this was at home now). I would have no issue with that. To boo him every time he touches the puck is dumb.

Werth is a different situation. He turned down good money to go elsewhere. Obviously the pay was better but it's not like the Phillies were offering pennies on the dollar. Richards had no choice in what happened and by all reports was upset to leave. What Werth did is more boo worthy IMO. Sure richards didn't win here bit he captained the team that got the closest the Flyers have been to a cup in a long time, and he played an integral part in that run (took out krejci which was pivotal in the comeback, he lead the team in points heading into the finals and he helped shutdown the then PO scoring leader in Toews).

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