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02-06-2004, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Joe Cole
My 2 cents.... this is the main element of what I hate about modern pro sports.

Why do we talk about money in sports? Isn't hockey (and other forms of entertainment) supposed to be a shelter AWAY from our everyday lives, where we are obsessed with our financial well being.... earning enough to pay for a kid's college, our retirements, a Porsche, a house, rent, the bills, student loans...etc...

I want to enjoy hockey for the fun of watching the sport. The skill, speed and grit. Not the dollars and cents. When journalists talk about $$, that is usually because they have nothing to offer to illuminate the play on the ice. When fans talk about it, it is always "well for $2m, he sure doesn't earn it on the ice."

Bottom line.... they are all paid too much. So are actors. Their salaries are so astronomical that we have no concept of what getting a pay check like that, week after week, is like. Is the point of knowing their salaries to make us all feel inadequate (or am I alone feeling this)?

Sheesh....I did not want to disrespect mark0v in any way, but personally, I think that talking money is pointless. It just goes to show you that even the worse paid player on the Habs could pay off the balance of my mortgage in 4 months.

Again, no disrespect. But I would rather talk about Ribs' pretty goal, or Komi's big hit.
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