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03-24-2014, 09:50 PM
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Shinny or beginner's clinic are good places to learn.

Hockey is going to be much much difference.
You will need to be a great skater and have great balance.
You'll need to be able to dig an edge into the ice and push off with BOTH legs can't stick to a strong side.
You will not be able to get 50% of a puck and keep it out like a ball if you aren't holding your arm tight to your chest there are lots of ways for a puck to squeak through.
You cannot be slow to hit the ground if you are expecting to come down on th puck hen you start you'll see a ton of goals simply shot along the ice quickly

That said it's great to be involved in 25-40 shots in a game and more room for error.
If you can get the right start I'm sure you'll do great and love it!

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