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02-06-2004, 01:00 PM
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You really should do some more research before posting false information like this. I've looked over the game logs for the 2001-2002 season and before the olmypics Richter faced 1429 shots(comes out to 31.8 shots a game) and had a .903 save percentage(pretty low considering the amount of shots he faced). After the olmypics, he faced 254 shots(comes out to 28.2 shots a game, not counting the Atlanta game, btw in no game did he face 40 shots) and had a .890 save percentage. So statistically speaking, I don't see as much a degradation in the teams defensive play, as I do in Richter's individual performance. He was burned out.
Oh sorry Mr. Editor didn't realize I was expected to write a formal paper on the subject. Long story short he faced a lot of shots that not a lot of people would have stopped. And yes Richter was burnt out, i said that already but you have to ask yourself why. A team could take 18 shots from the blueline and the goalie could stop em and it counts as 18 saves. You can make a state look like anything you want it to. The point is that Richter was by himself 95% of the time which says nothing of guys crashing the net on him or "scoring opportunities" for the other team. There are many factors to consider besides the number of shots he faced.

Richter in 2002-2003: 5-6-1, 2.94 GAA, .897 sv%. Dunham with the rangers that season: 19-17-5, 2.29 GAA, .924 sv%. Dunham seemed to put up pretty good numbers with essentially the same team Richter had in front of him.
And a year later with essentially the same team how has he done for the most part? after that little streak he hasn't done much. And again we're basing the hall of fame process off a performance while coming back from injury?

Please. There are a bunch of guys out there that play a ton of games despite getting alot of rubber thrown at them. Guys like Mark Denis, who last year played in 77 games and averaged 31.2 shots a game. Also, how exactly is the rangers poor defense to blame for the routine dump in that ended Richter's career? Right now you are just grasping for straws.
I'm grasping for straws? again have you even watched this team? You're skipped over to the routine dump that ended richter's career. That's like putting 50 tons on top of a wall and when you put the feather that finally cracks it you say "it was only a feather"?

To deny that this defense killed him over the past 2-3 years of his career is insane.

Hey, I said he probably gets in. I'm just saying it isn't a sure-fire thing like it is for Roy, Hasek, Brodeur and Belfour.
The question was never if he was in the same class as Roy and Hasek, the question was if he is hall of fame worthy. And aside from Belfour's cup win he has for the most part never been viewed as a playoff goalie.

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