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02-06-2004, 12:14 PM
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Just because he may have been the top goalie for the American national teams doesn't mean that he's the greatest American goalie of all-time. Just because Barrasso didn't represent the USA doesn't mean that he's NOT the greatest American goalie. If that were true, then Patrick Roy wouldn't be the greatest Canadian goalie of all-time, someone else would be... he's only played for team Canada once... at the 1998 Olympics.
But that's because they didn't allow pro's before than. Barasso was passed over in the world cup as well, and i believe the last canada cup.

Before he was 30 years old Barasso was letting in an icreasing amount of softies and wasn't seen as a goalie who could carry a team any longer. Richter, despite being a year younger was tabbed to be that man right up until the 2002 olympics. Barasso had more NHL wins {due in part to a huge first half of his career} but couldn't touch Richter on an international level which is THE best players in the WORLD. That's a huge fact to look at.

The only people he's getting serious consideration from is you... and a few of your buddies. Richter is not a HoF'er... and that's based on his numbers and achievments... there are atleast 7 goalies I'd put in the Hall before him, all of whom have better numbers and achievments then #35.

Hasek, Belfour, Brodeur, Roy, Moog, Vernon, and Barrasso.
Really well i guess the espn poll from a while back must have been wrong because i dont think the person you are responding to has thousands of friends including those in the media.

Hasek and Roy are givens, Brodeur is still at least 5 years away from retiring i'd think. Moog and Vernon were always good goalies but they didn't lead their team internationally the way Richter did. Moog doesnt have an impressive resume outside of edmonton was never considered within the top ten nhl goalies. and Barasso was already fading before he was 30 and again cannot touch the international experience which HAS to be considered and cannot be thrown out (everyone seems to be avoiding this question or skipping around it).

All of those goalies were clutch... or else they wouldn't be there. And being a classy guy with a great work ethic doesn't get you in the HoF.
They were clutch? Wasn't belfour considered a playoff flop until his stanley cup win. and unlike richter he has no other big game wins, no world cup, no starting goalie on an olympic squad.

There were rumblings about Barasso as a clutch goalie the season after his last cup, in fact from the 94 season till 2002 there was a major drop in his image as a clutch goalie. In the same span of time, Richter won a cup, lead his team to the conference finals, won a world cup, was named mvp of the world cup, made 2 allstar appearances, two olympics appearances, and won a silver medal.

To me the international is what pushes richter in because his nhl stats are right on the border.

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