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02-06-2004, 01:01 PM
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I dunno, i dont think Brooklyn and I are about to go into therapy over this

Besides I dont think there's anything too earth shattering, the situation is what it is. You go on a board, you talk about and you discuss. Pretty much those who dont feel like talking about it dont and those who do converse.

Besides i believe talking about things presents new sides and aspects of situations and ultimately a better understanding of them.

I have no problem talking to someone who disagrees with me {they arent the first and they wont be the last} because i believe that in the process you can get something out of it.

some subjects are obviously a little more difficult. religion and politics are two topics to def. avoid. Most of the time people usually don't want to have a deeper understanding, they want what requires the least thinking and what makes em feel good at the end of the day.

Most subjects are like that. Someone goes into a shell when their "View" gets challanged because they lack the confidence in that view to properly express it or explain it. The people i've had the biggest debates with {Melnyk, Laches and Brooklyn a few times} are generally the people who tend to respect more, even if i dont necessarily agree with them. I admire people who can think and articulate that thought in a constructive and enlightened way. At the end of the day, Brooklyn and I aren't likely to "win" over the other but rather come to a deeper grasp of a situation.

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