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02-06-2004, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by ebn
Look guys I think you are being a little unfair.

We did beat Vancouver a very good team 4-3. We were leading 3-2 heading into the 3rd against Minnesotta. The point is our goaltending let us down. If this keeps happening we won't make the playoffs. However, getting Hasek would help a lot.
Let's quickly address several poinst here.
1. We're being unfair? Was goaltending the problem when the Flyers and Bruins sh.. all over us? How about during the Buffalo debacle? If goaltending was our biggest problem, we would not be 8 friggin' points behind the Isles for the 8th spot, with 2 teams inbetween us and the 8th spot, and 2 more teams nipping our heels for that coveted 8th spot. Goaltending is our biggest problem. YEAH.....THE BRIGHT SIDE. Goaltending as opposed to inept coaching, ZERO hustling, worst special teams in league history, and the worst defense the NHL has seen in about 25 years. But, hey, Hasek fixes all that.
2. If what keeps happening that will make us miss the playoffs? Mediocre goaltending? That's what will keep us out of the playoffs? See point #1. Let's trade that remaining pesky Smith pick called Lundmark and that penatly machine called Garth Murrya for Hasek, and BAAM!!! Instant playoffs.

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