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02-06-2004, 02:40 PM
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but when added to 300 wins and a world cup it does have to equal something.

You're also forgetting he was a member of 88 squad to i believe and the 91 canada cup.

the point was that he did stuff after 96, at least more than Barasso {whom i cant even believe there is the argument for him as the best us born goalie}.

Now the international experience PLUS the 300 wins has to add up to something. Maybe neither one by themselves makes him a sure-fire player but the two combined makes him a solid choice.

As for Vernon, his worth to the wins championship was not nearly as significant and you could argue that the last 6 or 7 years of his career were also nothing spectacular. heck chris osgood won a championship with detroit.

to me richter is almost an inbetween stage.

I'd say on the tip top level you have roy and hasek. below that i think you have broudeur. than you have richter/belfour and than barasso, vernon and moog.

Honestly all of em should be in the hall, but i think international experience draws him close if not even with belfour and gives him the edge over the other 3.

but i can argue for any one of those guys getting into hall. i dont have a problem with letting them in, but i think if they get in richter should as well. if richter doesnt get in, they shouldn't.

the hall as a whole has a big problem with goalies getting in, much like baseball often overlooks defense for homeruns and hits.

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