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Originally Posted by Lefty9420 View Post
Ahhh....reading through this thread reminds me why 9 years ago at the ripe old age of 25 I quit playing hockey to focus on coaching. After college I did the mens league/beer league thing for about 2-3 years. It was the most miserable time I ever had playing hockey. Tried multiple leagues/levels/rinks and teams. Everyone was the same. Guys think it's game 7 of the SC finals. I seriously witnessed more fights/idiots/nonsense in my short mens league career then I did my whole life playing travel/high school and college. To me it's not worth it. There were two final straws for me. One a guy got mad that another guy made him look silly one on one and later in the game drove him head first into the boards. Guy was ok but got stretchered/collared the whole nine yards. My last mens league game ended when I'm on a breakaway and guy literally two hand baseball swings me in the back of the knee and then wants to chirp me. I punch him with my glove on, walk off the ice and never went back. Have played in one mens league game since. My buddy plays on a team and they were desperate for players one game. Almost enough not to play. I reluctantly agree after a 3 year absence. He's like man you love it. Good clean hockey, no BS...yada yada yada. Game was a complete gong show, like 4 fights, guys getting thrown out. I'm like yeah, I'm done. Haven't played since. Which sucks because I really miss playing, but now at 34 after not playing for like 8-9 years, I couldn't even imagine going back. In another year or so I will be eligible for the over 35 league. Maybe I will consider it, but probably not.
Why not do pick-up hockey? Usually the guys are good about sportsmanship and pass more often than not. The only downside is sometimes there just isn't enough guys.

In my beer league seasons, we'll only have 2 or 3 games in over 15 a season that there's any beef on the ice at all.

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