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03-26-2014, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by EveryDay View Post
Norman Flynn must the most stupid announcer in the NHL..... He said something during the NYR and PHI game, sry in french.....

'J'ai un fait cocace sur Espan Knutsen, lors d'un match une rondelle tiré par Knutsen a devier dans la foule et une jeune fille a été tuer, ce qui a mis pratiquement fin a sa carriere. Il ne sait jamais remis de cette evenement la.'

Un fait COCACE??? F** idiot! get rid of this a$$hole
Wow, thats really bad. He probably had some ''facts'' written on a sheet about some players and he decided to randomly read one about Knutsen that he hadn't read beforehand.

Rough translation for the anglo folks : ''Hey guys, fun fact about Knutsen! He once killed a young girl with a slapshot that deflected in the stands. It haunts his memories still and almost ended his career.''

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