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03-27-2014, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by JaeTM View Post
Question about your captaincy situation. I remember reading a little bit after you guys acquired Dubinsky in the trade that he looked to be the favorite for your next Captain. Well, I know he's been given the "A", but do you guys still think he gets the "C"? I don't follow you guys so I really don't know your situation.

But that got me thinking and was surprised none had been chosen, then I looked at this Johansen kid and thought you haven't given it to anyone because you wanted it given to him possibly? I've got him on my fantasy team and he's done very well for me this season. Wish the Rangers had someone of his caliber.
As embarrassing as it is to admit, the last two CBJ captains have asked to be traded away from Columbus (Foote & Nash). Understandably, there's zero discussion or expectation or speculation on a future CBJ captain by anyone associated with the organization. I think it's a smart move by the CBJ. Why risk putting the organization through that embarrassing situation again at least until it can put its "league doormat" image behind?

Seriously, each situation was ugly for the organization. Adam Foote demanded to be traded even though CBJ were within a couple points of a playoff spot at trade deadline. Not only that, he demanded it be Colorado (restricting negotiation options for CBJ) and had a private plane fueled on the Columbus tarmac to take off as soon as the trade was official so he could get to Calgary for that night's Avs game.

Rick Nash requested it a little over two years ago after the team collapsed. He requested it a couple months prior to the trade deadline. However, Scott Howson, CBJ GM, initially just made it known that they were "shopping Nash". Howson then went public with at a trade deadline press conference that Nash asked to be traded. However, Howson didn't trade Nash at that time because he didn't get good enough offers. So the CBJ held on to Nash for remainder of season making it awkward for everyone.

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