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Originally Posted by rh71 View Post
Why not do pick-up hockey? Usually the guys are good about sportsmanship and pass more often than not. The only downside is sometimes there just isn't enough guys.

In my beer league seasons, we'll only have 2 or 3 games in over 15 a season that there's any beef on the ice at all.
I have done pick up or open hockey. Problem is that most of the rinks are so full with travel, house league, high school, mens league and figure skating that the only open hockey times are during the day when I'm at work and you normally don't get many guys. There is one guy locally who always rents the ice like on a Friday night for two hours. It's all pick-up and whoever shows up shows up, but you need to be invited. I have an in to that group now, so that's a real possibility.

Another story. So right around the time I quit the one rink was starting a new league. Basically it was to be the anti-mens league league. Instead of having teams that year after year are stacked, causing problems, ect. It would be run like house league. Pay your money and you have to show up to 2 of the 3 evals. regardless of skill level. Then predetermined captains would pick teams and that was your team for the year. Next year everyone goes back into the pool. Sounds great, except the captains just picked all their buddies. Also you could name one other person you wanted to play with. So I would name player X, who would name player Y, who would name player Z. It wasn't long that you pretty much had established teams being paired up. It folded after like 2 seasons.

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