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Originally Posted by BSabres View Post
I love people that use the 'well the series could easily be x' statements. The series is 3-0 Oshawa. Period. I am glad you commented on the shot discrepancy as it's not even close. I've watched games 2 and 3 on TV and attended Game 1 and I haven't found it as close as you have mentioned. I'll agree that maybe the Gens are taking Miss lightly which is similar to your Gens still playing in regular season mode comment. However, fact of the matter is it's 3-0 and although two games have gone to extra time the Gens blew them out badly in game 1 and in my eyes looked like the dominant team in games 2 and 3 (which I was shocked they blew the 2 goal lead late last game). If Miss fans want to hold their head up high after having a horrendous season by coming in 8th out of a 10 conference team and then one game away from being swept out of the playoffs than be my guest. Gens will be bad next season and you won't see me posting about how we lost with dignity or whatever else.
I think this post was completely unnecessary, Oshawa has controlled most of the play but have been taken into overtime twice by the 8 seed. It's a rebuild year and every team has them. Are we going to win this series? No and nobody thought we would but to take the number one seed into overtime is a pretty good accomplishment considering we traded our two best players. And we came 8th this year when we were supposed to miss the playoffs. That is an accomplishment. Considering Oshawa is having trouble winning in regulation against us good luck taking on Kingston or North Bay who have a little more skill up from and a more veteran back end.

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