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My 2 cents

Originally Posted by Habs View Post
How is Markov our best defenceman? Because, I don't remember seeing him at the allstar game. I don't see an "A" on his jersey, and I don't see teams lining up to try and acquire him.
<sarcasm>Yeah, because Yanick Perrault is such a treat to other teams, more so than Shane Doan, and Justin Williams must be much better than Rod Brindamour; and yes, Philippe Boucher > Pronger. And for the "A", that must mean that Rivet > Komisarek.</sarcasm>

How is Souray our best defenceman when he makes brain cramps in his zone and at the opponents' blue line, when he can't get the puck out of his zone to save his life. Yes Souray has a mean and nasty shot. But if you take away his opportunities on the powerplay by using a larger box or by putting a guy on him, you take away the only weapon that makes him a top 2 defenseman.

The difference between Souray and Markov is that the latter has the talent and the ability to make other players around him better (just look at Komisarek or even Rivet and Dandenault). That's what makes Markov so valuable to this team. This guy can shut down other team's best players and by the same time make his teamates better offensively and defensively, something Souray will never be able to do. Comparing Souray and Markov is like comparing the artillery to the armours. Yes a field battery can sometimes cause more damage than an armours corps, but the former would be in big trouble if it was trapped or rounded. A tank is much more versatile as it is fast and can defend itself in short or long range. When it comes to choosing which one to defend your base, it's an easy answer.

The Canadiens are in need of defensemen who can move the puck easily and who can make a good transition with the forwards. IMO to be a number 1 defenseman, you must be the guy that your team can use in every situation, everywhere on the ice, everytime. That's why IMHO, Souray will never be an elite defenseman. It just amazes me how many people want to dump Markov when our 5 on 5 is atrocious and when he is the only defenseman we have, capable of making it better.

There are teams out there that are lacking this small firepower that will help them take their play to the next level. Let's help them and by the same time, let's give ourselves a chance to be a better team.

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