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02-24-2007, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
I have been complaining since the first week of the season and now I dare and I said DARE anyone to question my judgment on Hanks dropping down to his knees. Hank played the entire game vs the Bluejackets on his knees. He was beat with 2 40 foot wrist shots high to the glove side and Was beat at least 3 other times and got lucky.
Benoit Allaire was sitting dead in front of me and I was all over Hank tonight I mean I took 62 games of frustration out on Hank and Benoit Allaire finally turned around and looked at me and shook his head after the 3rd goal. He normally waits to the end of the period to leave and walk down the stairs he even left early. The guy is either tired or just not a big game goalie. Don't throw stats st me i know he had a 908 save % I don't care he doesn't win must games and he sucks vs team he should beat. 2--0 lead wasted again.
Allaire left early because you were being loud, obnoxious and ignorant

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