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02-24-2007, 11:17 PM
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Some of you guys, if you could have been around, would have been booing Eddie Giacomin his 1st year. Some of you wouldn't know a quality goalie if he was a hall of famer. Many of you are nothing more than a bunch of front runners and extremely immature. You have zero patience, yet you want this organization to rebuild. You have the attention span of a spoiled 2 year old.

Lundqvist, despite the expert pronouncement of some of the resident experts around here is a frandchise goalie. You build the team around him. You structure the strength of the team towards taking advantage of his game. We need guys on D who clear the front, something this organization has a very long history of not having. You jam the middle in your own end and keep everything to the perimeter.

Up front you have speed, nastiness and skill. You forecheck the heck out of the opposition. You attack their goal, not circle around like a bunch of indians from a B grade cowboy movie. Then you make it extremely difficult for the opposition to play in your building.

Far too many of you do nothing but complain at every single thing and offer absolutely nothing, no valid alternative. I can respect someone with an opposing opinion and an alternative plan, one that has been thought out and even though we may not agree, at least you see the merit.

Last year raised the expectaions to high. Wasn't it Don Maloney that said at the beginning of the year that we may take a step or two back this year?

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