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02-24-2007, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by dedalus View Post
LOL. Moot question as you well know. If my option held sway Glen Sather would not be the current GM. So you see, I've already answered your question - at least with regard to hockey. If it's Iraq you're discussing I'll invite you again to the Politics board. GOPers/conservatives have been crawling under their various rocks as the fortunes of war have turned against them, Bush has been increasingly humiliated, and the Elephants got pummeled in the last election, so your minority views will certainly be welcome.

I also don't believe in saviors. You may very well, but please don't foist your beliefs on me through the language of your posts.
Once again you offer nothing of value except to criticize. That is the easiest thing in the world to do, and in typical fashion you cop out saying you have no sway. None of us do. But one could offer up a rational discussion containing something that may have merit.

I'm not trying to foist any beliefs on you, mine or anyone else's. This is a free country and people can believe as they choose. You however seem to always be very paranoid about that particualr subject and I can't fanthom why you always feel like that.

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