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02-25-2007, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER View Post
Once again you offer nothing of value except to criticize. That is the easiest thing in the world to do, and in typical fashion you cop out saying you have no sway. None of us do. But one could offer up a rational discussion containing something that may have merit.
You miss the point. I have expressed my opinions on this many times in the past. This is why I explicitly wrote that Glen Sather would not be the CURRENT GM. Given that I have written so much in the past on this topic, I am not inclined to do so again. My "fixes" for the team have been stated many, many times.

Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER View Post
I'm not trying to foist any beliefs on you, mine or anyone else's.
Then you would do well to write without doing so. If I accepted your premise as written,"tell us who the savior is," I would have been forced to discuss a "savior" for this team. That is the term you set for the discussion. My response was my rejection of your term and a veiled criticism of your writing.

Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER View Post
You however seem to always be very paranoid about that particualr subject and I can't fanthom why you always feel like that.
To which subject are you referring? There are several to which you could be: beliefs? foisting beliefs? a free country? the hockey team? my opinions on how it should be fixed?

About which of these do I always seem to be "paranoid?"

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