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03-28-2014, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Striiker View Post
That's not a very good argument to make... just because a team plays well and beats good teams doesn't mean the team couldn't improve, especially when there is an obvious weak spot that's been consistently bad all year. That's like saying Crosby wouldn't make the 4th line better than Hall because Hall played when we won those 4 games.

Now if during those games Grossmann played great, that'd be a different story, but he didn't. He had the same horrible weaknesses as always with the same miniscule upside. Just look at the last two games, he's single handedly gotten us stuck in the Dzone more than any other player because he can't pass to save his life.

I could make the same flawed argument against you... how many minutes did Gus play in the two losses to the Rangers and Kings?
It was more just a jab at the way you were phrasing your last post, "just put Gus out there and we'd have a chance." As if not having Gus out there has been some difference maker. I've debated the Gus issue all year long. I have no problem with the guy playing. But saying stupid things like "put Gus out there and we'd have a chance" after the team just came off an impressive win streak against some of, if not the best, competition in the league, is why there is a perceived Gus-loving tone to this board.

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