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02-25-2007, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Hear, hear. I ascribe it to many Habs fans - and especially those who post on these boards - living in the "video game generation". Fortunately, however, I have complete confidence that our management doesn't play video games with the team. The NHL is a multi-billion dollar industry, and the Canadiens would look like morons if they started running their team like it was a keeper FHL for kicks only.
hmmm, so if the feeling that "getting a good return from a UFA instead of watching him walk in the off season" is a symptom of the "video game generation", what then is the "disease" that causes the blissfully content "things are fine the way they are, and everything will work out in the end so why bother trying to get better" feeling???
Is it perhaps a case of "I remember the good ol' days-itis", also known as the "Eight-Track Revolution"...

Seriously though, why is it so hard to imagine that some people simply don't share your opinion?
During the thick of our slump, I said that I'd only consider selling if we continued to play poorly. The wins over columbus/washington/nashville are nice, but not convincing, unless we win the next two, we're still under 500 over the last ten games... that's not exactly the kind of play that inspires playoff aspirations.
Being a seller seems to me like a much better/safer/smarter alternative than sticking with the status quo and not making the playoffs... only marginally better than making the playoffs and losing in the 1st or 2nd round and WAY better than being a buyer at this point.

Standing pat now just ensures that we will lose parts of the current core, getting ZERO in return...

But if the deadline passes with no movement, it's not like I'll be devestated. I like Souray, I like Rivet, and I'm praying Markov is here for a long time. I'll be rooting for the team to make the playoffs as hard as anyone, and when we get in, I'm sure I'll have myself convinced "why not us!"... but for now, till tuesday, I'm sending out the "sell sell sell" vibes, hoping we can fleece a team or two looking to make a splash or keep up with the "arms race"

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