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02-25-2007, 07:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
hmmm, so if the feeling that "getting a good return from a UFA instead of watching him walk in the off season" is a symptom of the "video game generation", what then is the "disease" that causes the blissfully content "things are fine the way they are, and everything will work out in the end so why bother trying to get better" feeling???
Is it perhaps a case of "I remember the good ol' days-itis", also known as the "Eight-Track Revolution"...
Things don't have to be "fine the way they are" in order for selling in the midst of a playoff race to be an imponderable option. I just figure that those who propose such things probably don't have much real-world experience. Maybe they haven't worked in real-world situations with big money on the line, and big expectations from above. I mean, if my company decided in the middle of a contract to suddenly fire all of our top engineers, and tell our customer, hey, we'll hire a new group of kids, train them up, and in the end you'll get a better product because those eager kids - once they get the experience - will put in longer and harder hours than the current more sedate crew... well, except you'll get your equipment 5 years down the road instead of next year... I mean, that would just be unacceptable. I don't think the real-life hockey business is as different from real-life business as some of us tend to think from our thrill-seeking armchairs in front of our plasma TVs.

Gainey has responsibilities and expectations, and I just find it hard to believe that people can realistically embrace this "seller" philosophy. Maybe most of you guys in the "seller" camp realize that it's not practically very likely, but are just giving voice to your fantasies anyway, fully realizing that they aren't very probable in the real world, and I have no problem with that, of course, even if it isn't always clear in every "sellers" post that you have that recognition. Perhaps it's just implied. Anyway, no more or less harm in promoting one's fantasies than in overlooking the unspoken implied understandings and opposing said fantasies.

Of course, it might serve me right if Gainey really did trade Souray or Markov after all this. Somebody who thinks it's a serious option had better make me an avatar bet before it's too late!

Seriously though, why is it so hard to imagine that some people simply don't share your opinion?
It's not at all hard to imagine. Obviously they do. I just have a very low opinion about the rationality of such people. But on the other hand, this whole league, the whole game is supposed to be about entertainment, isn't it? So if you seller-shouters want to get your kicks by dreaming of another rebuild, well, who am I to poke holes in your fantasies, right? I dunno. A chacun son gout. Bizarre as such gouts are to me.

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