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02-25-2007, 12:38 PM
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The Habs should be looking to trade Souray as they are not in a position to win the Cup. The return that they will get for him will be quite good considering the trade this morning between the Thrashers and the Blues. On the other hand, if Gillette is solely concerned about money, than it would be a stupid trade as two to three home playoff dates could potentially disappear.

Moreover, is it me or are the Habs management being too patient. Or, is it simply a result of our players not appearing all that attractive on the trade market, which means that we will be stuck with the likes of Bouillion (great assist yesterday afternoon), Samsonov, Kovalev (4.5 mil for 13 goals does not cut it for me), etc.? Bouillion instead of Hainsey and Bouchemin? Brilliant.

As I have said in previous posts, the Habs should have started a major rebuilding program when Gainey came to the Habs or three to four years before his arrival. They have not and thus continue to remain in a position of mediocrity. I would rather see this team descend to the depths of hockey hell (i.e., 25-30 overall) by playing their younger players rather than being in perpetual hockey purgatory for the last 10 years by playing veterans (14-21 overall). In short, the Habs need to jettison a good deal of dead weight and try to rebuild in via the draft, bold trades, and intelligent UFA signings.

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