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02-25-2007, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by plafleur10 View Post
If you are talking this week-end, you are right. I just don't like what I am hearing, don't get what the Gainey masterplan is, am afraid we will end up sitting on the fence like Reuben and Franchise Player said.

Just would like to see a mind at work really trying to be better than others, being proactive as opposed to reactive. Look at Brian Burke, he traded his 1st rounder to get Pronger, then he needed a 1st rounder to try to be a player in this year's deadline, yeaterday he goes out to get a 1st rounder for a player nobody even knows about.

Compare this to us, we were supposedly interested in Forsberg, we "placed a call" according to Gainey, "the call was not returned" and that was it. What in hell is that? If you really wanted him, call again and again, for God's sake! The reality is we probably did not know what we wanted, were sitting on the fence just as we are now, so we allowed fate to make the decision for us, all the while being able to tell our fans "well...we tried...but it was not in the cards".And our gullible fans just buy it, nobody even seems to have been upset by this "call not returned" story.

Honestly, this type of BS makes me furious, I see this trade deadline, with the crazy prices being paid for impending UFA's as a short window of opportunity to convert what is a very difficult and delicate situation for the Habs (8 impending UFA's, including 3 of their 4 top D's, with little Cap space to spend) into a glorious opportunity to acquire good young players/picks for the not so distant future.

And from what I hear from Gainey, we are just about to blow it! My only hope, right now, is that as some of you have suggested, Gainey is outright lying to everybody, has come to his senses and will do the selling he must do.
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