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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Show me another team that has a similar makeup in terms of its centers and wingers and who is doing things completely differently.
No other team has built their roster like the Habs have. No team drafted DD and according to LeBrun no other team wanted him last summer or fall. So there is no comparison in the NHL. We're on our own.

Besides, people need to stop thinking that everything has to fit in a box, and everything has to be the same as everything else. MT does what he feels he needs to do to win games. It doesn't have to be the same as what other teams do. And gotta admit that the habs have looked real good and won a lot since the lines are like that. So what's the problem ?
I don't think we looked real good against Boston but we won. Of course there will always be games like that. Again I agree that Habs mgm't is not thinking like the other 29 NHL teams. As noted we have four or five players 5'9" or shorter, more than the entire Western Conference. Adding Briere seems to confirm the Habs are thinking way outside the box on size. And Weaver at 5'9" 180lbs was the second-smallest player to move at the deadline.

EDIT: 28 goals in the last 8 games... Can't exactly complain that the offense isn't clicking. And not just the DD line.
The last 8 games is a small sample though, on the season the Habs are 29th in even-strength scoring. In the playoffs even-strength scoring is more important as you know there are fewer man advantages and no four-on-four OT or shootouts.

A strong playoff run by the smallest NHL team in decades, led by the league's tiniest #1C, that would be a huge blow to conventional hockey wisdom. But yeah here we go Red, I sincerely hope it happens!

Go Habs Go !!!

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