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03-29-2014, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
EDIT: 28 goals in the last 8 games... Can't exactly complain that the offense isn't clicking. And not just the DD line.
"The last 8 games"

Yeah, too bad these adjustments came after the team had already played 67 friggin games!!!!.

That's one of the key criticisms MT gets for his obsession with ensuring that our 1st line has the best of every single offensive asset / opportunity this team has, that he didn't do anything at all resembling that for ANY of our other assets!!

How long were people asking for Galchenyuk to be given some semblance of an offensive role, instead of the grinder/2-way nonsense he was forced into? Couldn't do that though, cause the sheltered role had to go to DD in order to get those projected 53 points, so learn 2 grind on da wing Galchenyuk!!

How often did people argue that using Plekanec in a purely shutdown role was a waste of his offensive talents, and that maybe giving him some talent on the wings (instead of Gionta) and some offensive minutes might reap some benefits? Oops, can't do that either, cause with the zero defensive responsibility given to the DD line, we needed Plekanec to shoulder almost the entirety of the defensive aspects of the game.

How many times did people express bewilderment at how we signed a FA center for 4 million dollars, only to see him placed on the 4th line wing, and that maybe he'd be better playing at his natural position in a sheltered offensive role? Again, not possible, since all the sheltered minutes go to DD, and the 4th line doesn't generally have many offensive talents assigned to it.

But Vanek effectively increased the offensive stock of the Habs, and MT basically had no choice but to let some of it trickle down to the other lines, and lo and behold, our ES scoring has improved!! Imagine how effective this team could be if we actually had a coach who invested his offensive capital properly, instead of just loading up one asset and treating the improved performances of Plekanec, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, and Briere as peripheral fringe benefits...

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